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The more you know about what to expect in your case, the more confident you can be that your case is being handled well. Our lawyers will give you an overview of the entire Personal Injury process at the onset of your case. Below is a very brief overview of the general Personal Injury process of a claim. For more details, please contact the Santa Monica Personal Injury lawyers at Sina Rez Law.

Initial Intake

Every case begins by connecting you directly with our experienced Personal Injury lawyers. Our lawyers and support team will walk you through our in-depth intake process. We are able to answer the large majority of questions that come up in every case through our intake process. We can also better understand your needs, and how we may accommodate them both in the short and long term.

Representation Notifications

Next, our Personal Injury lawyers notify all the appropriate insurance companies, police departments, governing bodies and other necessary entities that we officially represent you. We tell them to cease all communication with you directly, and to contact our office instead. We also request any relevant evidence (video, photographs, documents) that they may be in possession of. This stops the bombardment of letters and calls you get and gets us the information needed to aggressively pursue your case.

Preservation Letters

Depending on the type of accident, there may be some or extensive property damage. The most common property damage is damage to a car in a collision. Other types of property damage include damage to bicycle, scooter, phone or other valuables. Property owners generally have a right to have their property repaired or compensated for the fair market value of their property.
It is important to note that we do not charge a fee for this service for current clients.

Medical Treatment

It is incredibly important to get the necessary medical care and treatment for your injuries. Not only will this be the best way to maximize your physical recovery, but it is also one of the best things a client can do to maximize the value of their case. If a client does not get any or much treatment, it is incredibly difficult to provide any evidence of their injuries. The very most important thing a person can do for their Personal Injury claim is to get consistent treatment and to follow through with their doctors’ recommendations.

Medical Records Requests

Once our client’s treatment is completed (or sometimes during), our Santa Monica Personal Injury attorneys collect their medical records and bills relating to the injuries suffered in their accident. These records become the evidence used by our attorneys to argue the nature and extent of your injuries.


The negotiations begin with the demand letter referenced above. The demand letter is reviewed for approximately 30 days by the insurance company, individual or company responsible for your injuries. After they have had a chance to review, we get out first counter offer. Both sides then make their best efforts to bridge the gap between their different valuations of your case. This is typically done in a series of letters and phone calls, but sometimes will include things like mediation.


If we are unable to convince the other side to offer a fair amount, our Santa Monica Personal Injury lawyers will potentially suggest filing a lawsuit. Lawsuits typically result in higher settlements, but often come at a greater expense and time commitment. If we are pursuing a claim against our client’s insurance, we file for arbitration as required by your insurance contract.
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